Sydney Pub’s Hefty Price Tag on Hot Chips Leaves Diners Stunned

Once again, the cost of a bowl of hot chips at a Sydney pub has raised eyebrows among Australians. A customer shared a photo of the sauce-less hot chips on Reddit, revealing that they had set him back $16.10, prompting him to question, “What has happened?” The dish was ordered on a Sunday, potentially incurring a weekend surcharge, and would have cost around $13.70 without the presumed 15 percent surcharge – a price not uncommon at many Sydney venues.

However, the reaction to the customer’s complaint was less sympathetic than expected, with some users wondering why he would order chips at such a price. One user asked, “So you looked at the price and paid it anyway?” Another user remarked, “Yeah, why would anyone buy that lol,” adding that their local pub offers chicken parmigiana, chips, and veggies/salad for $20, with a chip portion similar in size.

Some Reddit users expressed frustration with the overall high cost of living and accused establishments of taking advantage of a “weekend surcharge.” One user jokingly asked, “How do seagulls afford city living?”

The rising cost of chips has also been noted outside of social media. Last week, the owner of the renowned Sydney takeaway spot, Great North Seafood, revealed that rising prices have impacted the beloved family meal of fish and chips. The cost of food at the eatery has increased by approximately 40 percent on average over the past five years, with some individual items rising by more than 60 percent. The increasing cost of chips is taking a toll on the business.

This situation follows a potato shortage earlier this year, which resulted in buying limits and higher prices for chips in Australia. Across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand, the cost of potatoes rose by 48 percent in the 12 months leading up to July, with local chip shops reporting a 10 percent increase in supplier costs.

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