Recognizing Excellence: Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024 Celebrates NSW Winners

Distinguished Australian companies driving the nation’s progress have been honored at Telstra’s annual Best of Business Awards. From a pool of over 22,000 nominations of small businesses nationwide, state winners have been commended for their remarkable contributions to the Australian economy and society.

Amanda Hutton, Telstra’s business group executive, emphasized that the state winners embody the “brilliant business minds our country has to offer” and are serving as an inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs. She commented, “The caliber of small and medium-sized businesses in Australia is nothing short of exceptional. We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the winning businesses and the people behind them, recognizing their unwavering dedication and incredible potential, all while inspiring the next generation of small businesses in Australia.”

The evaluation of the winners was based on several criteria, encompassing economic sustainability, operational efficiency, technology adoption, forward-thinking leadership, organizational culture, as well as social and community contributions. The program consists of seven distinct categories, each spotlighting the unique achievements and contributions of these outstanding businesses.

State winners will head to Sydney on February 7, with national winners to be announced the following day.

New South Wales’ Best Businesses:

  1. Accelerating Women: Women Rising
    Women Rising, founded by Megan Dalla-Camina, empowers women in their careers, nurturing authentic leadership, confidence, and wellbeing. Their program offers holistic personal and professional development, guided by an evidence-based curriculum, expert coaching, and a supportive community.
  2. Building Communities: Evolve Communities
    Evolve Communities, under the leadership of Co-Directors Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya Andrews, is a trusted provider of cultural awareness training and allyship accreditation. Their core programs, led by a diverse Indigenous and non-Indigenous team, exemplify allyship, whether in-person or online.
  3. Championing Health: Mercy Connect
    Mercy Connect, a non-profit Catholic organization, offers innovative services and programs with the goal of enabling individuals of all ages with disabilities to live independently and actively engage in their community.
  4. Embracing Innovation: Dental Boutique Sydney
    Founded in 2013 by Dr. Reuben Sim and Dr. May Chan, Dental Boutique is on a mission to redefine the dental experience. With a team of acclaimed dentists, dental surgeons, and master ceramists, they specialize in crafting personalized, naturally beautiful smile makeovers.
  5. Indigenous Excellence: Eather Group
    Eather Group, an Indigenous family business, is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions in civil construction and waste-to-resource industries. Their vision is to establish a circular economy in infrastructure while promoting workforce equity and diversity and caring for the environment.
  6. Outstanding Growth: SAPHI
    SAPHI delivers tech-agnostic solutions, specializing in emerging technologies. Serving mining, utilities, government, and heavy industry sectors, SAPHI offers tailored, impartial solutions aligned with each client’s specific needs.
  7. Promoting Sustainability: Lyka Pet Food
    Lyka Pet Food is reshaping the pet food industry by delivering fresh, human-grade wholefood meals directly to customers across Australia. Their mission is to enhance the health of Australian dogs through high-quality nutrition.

These businesses are not only excelling in their respective categories but are also contributing significantly to progress and betterment in New South Wales and beyond.

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