Mysterious Metal Hoops Puzzle Locals in Perth Park

In a Perth park, strange metal hoops have left residents puzzled and sparked intriguing discussions. Photos shared in a local Reddit thread raised the question, “What are these?”

The images depict numerous metal hoops, approximately one meter in height, scattered throughout a park in the Perth suburb of Balcatta, located to the north of the CBD. Each hoop features four evenly spaced bars projecting from the central ring. When viewed from the front, they bear a resemblance to crosshairs on a rifle.

Many contributors to the thread offered lighthearted and creative speculations. One suggested, “Teletubby graves,” while another jokingly proposed, “Kiddie Quidditch.” Someone even added a humorous twist, naming them “Earth Locks” and explaining that they held the northern and southern hemispheres together, requiring regular checks to prevent the planet’s “gooey bit” from escaping due to the Earth’s rotation.

However, the actual explanation was found in a City of Stirling consultation report. The city clarified that these structures are “ball targets,” varying in size and positioned on the grassy hillside. In response to a community comment expressing concern about their aesthetics, the city stated, “The ball targets are metal hoops of varying sizes situated on the grass hillside.” These ball targets serve their purpose by allowing users to practice their ball-throwing or passing skills.

These intriguing structures were part of a broader 2022 upgrade to the Rickman Delawney Reserve, which included new playground equipment and improved facilities for the local community.

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