Golden Gaytime Takes on New Forms

The Golden Gaytime, a beloved Australian ice cream, is evolving with new variations. From doughnut-flavored twists to plant-based renditions, this iconic treat has seen numerous adaptations. Pauls, known for its custard range, has introduced a new Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard.

This innovative creation is hailed as their “most irresistible, iconically Aussie collaboration ever.” It combines rich and creamy custard with toffee and vanilla flavors. Alongside the Golden Gaytime inspired custard, there’s also a Violet Crumble-inspired Choc-Honeycomb and Pauls Chupa Chups Inspired Strawberry & Cream Custard.

The latter is described as a “nostalgic creation guaranteed to revive sweet childhood memories.” Initially, these two custards were available in smaller sizes, but due to their popularity, Pauls and Streets decided to offer them in a larger 600g tub.

What makes this collection unique is that it’s not just a limited-time release; these flavors are here to stay. Each of these custard varieties can be purchased for $6.50.

The Pauls Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard is exclusively available at Coles, Woolworths, and independent grocery stores. However, the other two custards can only be found at Woolworths and independent grocery stores.

Pauls has a legacy of over 90 years in producing dairy products like milk, cream, custard, yogurt, and flavored milk.

It’s worth noting that there has been a recent price increase for Golden Gaytime ice cream at supermarkets. A four-pack of these iconic ice cream sticks has seen an almost 18 percent price hike since 2019, now retailing for $10 in most stores. Even a single stick, which used to cost $3.40 right before the pandemic, can now cost as much as $5. Limited-edition varieties have also been affected, with boxes now priced above $12.

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