Dr. Justin Coulson Mourns the Loss of Nephew to Suicide

Dr. Justin Coulson, host of Parental Guidance and a renowned parenting expert, has shared the heartbreaking news of his nephew’s tragic death by suicide at the young age of 20.

In a poignant message, Dr. Coulson expressed that his “heart is shattered” following the loss of his “energetic” and “delightful” nephew, Logan, who passed away while staying at his grandparents’ home on a Sunday night. Tragically, Logan was discovered by Dr. Coulson’s parents, his Nan and Pop, the following Monday morning, and it was already “too late to help.”

Dr. Coulson shared the anguish of his parents as they had to make the devastating call to Logan’s mother, who was away celebrating a weekend with her husband in Melbourne when the heartbreaking news was delivered.

Logan had left a note, but as Dr. Coulson pointed out, it brings no solace or relief because “he’s dead.”

Remembering the young man, Dr. Coulson described Logan as a “kind” and “fun” individual who was “laughing all the time.” He recalled fond memories of surfing with him and their close bond.

Dr. Coulson acknowledged that he, too, was struggling with the loss and proceeded to shed light on the alarming suicide statistics in Australia. He emphasized the urgent need for compassion and kindness, urging people to remind others that they matter and are loved.

The heart-wrenching truth is that Australia witnesses nine suicides every single day, with seven of these being men and two women. Suicide stands as the leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 24, with a staggering 36% of deaths in this age group attributed to suicide.

Dr. Coulson called upon individuals to be supportive, inclusive, and less critical, offering unwavering love and support to their loved ones. He underscored the importance of expressing love and ensuring that those close to us understand their significance.

In an enlightening shift, Dr. Coulson suggested that the commonly used phrase “I have no words” following devastating news needs to evolve. He highlighted an episode on his Happy Families Podcast featuring Colin Campbell, who penned the book “Finding the Words” after losing his two teenagers in a car crash. Colin emphasized the significance of finding words to honor and celebrate the lives of those we love.

Dr. Coulson emphasized the relevance of Logan’s passing occurring in Movember, a month dedicated to men’s mental health. He urged individuals who are struggling to reach out to others and seek support.

In his heartfelt conclusion, Dr. Coulson expressed his deep longing for Logan and implored everyone to embrace their loved ones and share the message that they matter and are cherished.

Originally posted on news.com.au

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